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Technica spearguns engineers and manufactures premium speargun components. See socials below for most current status updates

There is also the free speargun simulator that helps you build and compare different guns.

Mar 2022 - Pulleys for inverted spearguns can be purchased from the Technica Shop

Head to the shop via the menu or [this hyperlink].

Jan 2022 - Technica pulleys for inverted spearguns

The Technica Tri-Pulley is the market leading high performance pulley for inverted spearguns. Made in Australia using purpose built CNC machinery and high-tech materials like 100% Toray carbon fibre and 316 Marine Stainless fasteners.

A pair of Tri-Pulleys is the equivalent of over 1.5 rollers or three conventional bands when properly rigged in an inverted speargun.

Each Tri-Pulley can withstand 300kg (660 pounds - more than 7x19mm rubbers) while weighing only 8.8 grams (0.3 ounces); 40% lighter than the competition! Weight saved in rigging is more power to the spear.

The solid carbon fibre rollers also resist the wear from Dyeema rigging that eventually causes flat spots in the plastic rollers of normal pulleys. Each pair comes with a spare roller, three spare screws and a plastic bag so you can easily store these in your dive bag.

Oct 2021 - The All-Carbon Inverted Roller Pulley

The first Technica prototype; an all-carbon pulley for inverted spearguns.

Hardware is 316L/A4 stainless (atm) and both the body and roller are machined from solid carbon.

Rollers made from injection moulded plastics like Delrin are prone to erosion by Dyneema rigging under high loads and speeds - machined carbon rollers aren't susceptible to the flat spots that destroy other pulleys.

It's 31% lighter a steel pulley with more weight to be shed as prototyping continues. Weight saved in rigging is more power to the shaft!